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Angry at the Angry Golfer, contd

October 04, 2008

What's more fun than taking on The Angry Golfer, John Hawkins? John has inspired some priceless reactions of late with his columns on LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens' "Learn English" policy--we're still getting letters on both the policy and John's take-- and the Ryder Cup:

__>Did John Hawkins have a lobotomy or was he born without a frontal lobe? His comments on the Golf Channel and in particular the 19th hole lead me to believe that hiring him helped Golf World meet its quota for disability hirings. __ Bill Asher

> Perhaps Mr. Hawkins has forgotten who grinds this organ or whose music is played for this tour to dance. I did not realize he was part of the politically correct crowd. If he thinks this rule unfair perhaps he should submit his articles in a foreign language for the next few months. Requiring them to be printed as is. We will see how long Golf World will keep paying and accepting them for this market. A real test might be to print the entire magazine in another language for the U.S. market. Let's see how many get sold. The bottom line is this is a United States tour. We speak English for the most part in this country. Requiring the players, who don't pay entry fees, to speak english so they can converse with their Pro-am partners or be interviewed by the press and sponsors is very reasonable. It is just as reasonable to hire an employee/individuals and require a basic skill set.__ > Mr. Hawkins may find his journalistic future better suited with the N.Y. Times or Washington Post. These establishments seem to have an abundance of like thinking wind-bags.__ Rick Towne Germantown, TN

I would just once like to read one of of golf mag would say something about a subject without tearing down the people in it. John Hawkins thinks we should just let everybody come to america make tons of money, don't worry about our culture, our way of life, other than making more money in our country than they will see in a lifetime in their home country. Then some hard-hearted woman wants these people to learn the language of the host so that the communication between all parties is much easier. Mr. Hawkins think this is so stupid, well, Mr. Hawkins, the only stupid one is the writer of the piece. If this is a cold way for people to pay back for the huge amount of money our Asian friends make, as the date of my letter, 11 million plus. Gee, Mr Hawkins, for 11 million I would try to learn every language I could. Gene Balfour Woodburn, Oregon

__>I just had to laugh at the Angry Golfer's statement that the testy relationship between Faldo and the British press "seems to violate the code of responsible journalistic behavior, especially in this country..." Where has the Hawk been for the past 8 years of journalistic misbehavior toward G.W.Bush? Irresponsible journalistic behavior is not confined to "the Other Side." __ Bill Gallagher Raleigh NC

This week one angry golfer takes on another, as in Johnny Miller of NBC. John's latest begins:

"After a month of NBC telecasts, I've got peacock droppings all over my living room..."

Miller fans, start your engines.

--Bob Carney