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An Arnold Palmer bottle of Ketel One vodka? In honor of The King's birthday, you can now buy one

Sure, Arnold Palmer will always be associated with the iced-tea and lemonade drink. And rightfully so—the simple but delicious concoction is an effective way to honor one of America's most famous athletes for decades to come.

Lesser known than Arnie's affinity for mixing iced tea and lemonade might be his tendency to relax with a vodka on the rocks (with a lemon, or a twist, for the initiated). To honor Palmer with his birthday coming up (he would've turned 89 on Sept. 10), Ketel One has released a limited-edition Arnold Palmer Collector’s Edition bottle ($25 for a 750 ML bottle, $32 for a one-liter bottle), just as it did last March after the passing of The King, to commemorate the brand's relationship with Palmer.

Arnold Palmer Ketel One.jpg

Steven Miller Photography, Inc.

The Arnie bottles are available in select stores, but you can buy them online (some states permitting) at this website.

We'd recommend waiting to crack open the bottle until Arnie's birthday, then toasting The King with his go-to alcoholic drink of choice. We know he'd approve.