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An anatomy of Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka's "truce" video

October 09, 2018
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You might have never imagined that a PGA Tour announcement video for the Jack Nicklaus trophy posted straight to Twitter on a Tuesday afternoon would be must-see TV. You might have thought you'd rather scoop your eyeballs out with spoons than watch DJ and Koepka do PR for an award that's not even going to bump the Wanamaker from the mantle. But this is 2018 and let's just say things have changed. So whether you're a lover or a fighter, a skeptic or conspiracy theorist, join us as we analyze the most over-analyzed video in golf frame by excruciating frame. He-Man, Man-Hulk. Take it away gentleman.

Starting strong...


Clear eyes, full hearts, shattered metacarpals.


Bros will be bros...


Nothing says "don't f—k with me" like crocodile hide.


Been there, third wheeled that.


Say "thank you, Santa!"