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America's 50 Greatest Teachers

February 19, 2008

I'm glad Bill Hyeck of Evanston, Illinois, wrote this letter. I get similar comments from readers all the time and, in fact, could make the same one about one of our assistant professionals at Brooklawn CC in Connecticut, Sean Busca, a terrific teacher. We love to get your feedback on lists such as America's 50 Greatest Teachers:

I'm writing in reference to the list of America's 50 Greatest Teachers in the March 2008 issue. I'm sure all of these folks are fine teachers; certainly they are famous. But you are making a big mistake by omitting Jeff Mory, head pro at Conway Farms Golf Club, in Lake Forest, Illinois. Jeff is a brilliant diagnostician of what ails a golf swing, and as one who learned much from Dr. Jim Suttie, he tailors his teaching to the physical capacities of the individual. He has done wonders for golfers of all ages and skill levels in the northern Illinois area. I hope you will give him careful consideration for your list in the future.

Bill, as you know, the list is based on the voting of other teachers. But we'll put Jeff's name in the mix. To other readers who might have a nominee, please send it along or add it with a post to this blog.

--Bob Carney