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Why didn't we all think of this 16-leg MLB/NBA/NHL parlay that paid 32,000-to-1 odds?!

May 05, 2022

Seriously, why didn't we think of this bet? Oh, right. Because it's insane that anyone would waste any amount of money on a 16-leg parlay. And it's even more insane that it actually hit.

But right now, some lucky bastard in New York is on top of the world after striking it rich. Literally. Caesar's released the jaw-dropping details behind this blockbuster bet on Wednesday's slate of games, and we're sensing a Ron Burgundy "I'm not even mad, that's amazing" vibe from the sportsbook.

EPIC is right. Two hundred and twenty Gs?! Must be freaking nice.

There are a few things to note here besides the exorbitant payout. For one, there were 17 MLB games on Wednesday, including a doubleheader between the Padres and Guardians. How did this mystery gambler choose those particular 11 baseball games then? And he even picked the right game of that doubleheader to bet on Cleveland!

Similarly, this genius bet on three of the four NHL playoff games while wagering on both NBA playoff games. What was the reasoning for this? Who knows, but it darn sure worked out!

Of course, this person bet against the Reds because that's the biggest lock in sports right now. But to juice up the odds a little, they took the run line (the only game they did that on). Brilliant! And how about betting on the Yankees ending their 11-game winning streak? Unreal timing.

Finally, what's up with wagering $6.90? Just a bizarre move right there. A bizarre move I'm probably going to copy the next time I'm thinking about making a crazy parlay. . .