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Allstate's chief marketing officer had no clue who won the Allstate Sugar Bowl

Move over Rikk Wilde, AKA "Technology and stuff" Chevy guy from the 2014 World Series. There is a new king/queen of awkward yet hilarious postgame viral moments at a big-time sporting event, and her name is Elizabeth Brady, chief marketing officer of Allstate.

You see, Elizabeth was not briefed on which team had just won the Sugar Bowl between Georgia and Texas, the bowl game sponsored by Allstate. That or the stage fright was so overwhelming that she couldn't see the gigantic word "TEXAS" on the front of the jerseys of all the players staring right at her as they awaited their Sugar Bowl trophy. Watch as Brady is handed the mic by ESPN's Holly Rowe to congratulate the University of .... of..... of....... ?!?! on their huge victory over ... ??

University of Champions might be all the proof you need that Texas is officially back. Or, for salty Georgia and Oklahoma fans on Jan. 2, proof that Texas is NOT back considering this poor woman has never even heard of them.

All kidding aside, Brady did eventually snap out of it, following up "University .... Champions" with, "outstanding victory ... Texas."

Great rebound by Brady. A pro's pro. If Allstate is smart, they'll do what Chevy did and use it as a tagline for promotional purposes. I can see the commercials now.. "Allstate, you're in good..... champions?" or, "Get Allstate, you can save money and be better protected from Mayhem, like ... um... champions!"