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All About Tiger

March 29, 2008

When Tiger wins or Tiger loses, when the streak continues or when it ends, you want to talk about Tiger. In the wake of Geoff Ogilvy's victory at Doral, that's still the case:

Bob Creemens of North Richland Hills, Texas:

Clearly Tiger Woods is the best golfer on the planet and will most likely be the most heralded golfer of all time. He is also a true sportsman and a fine gentleman. Having said that, thank you Geoff Ogilvy. I am tired of hearing about the perfect season. But most of all I am tired of hearing about the Fed Ex Cup. Who cares! I am so tired I intend to use the United States Postal Service from now on.

Ron Field of Morton, Washington:

A good number of associates are really fed up with the bias reporting, in both print and TV, shown towards Tiger Woods. On Saturday, NBC commenced their broadcast with 'Tiger Woods is in second place to Geoff Ogilvy'. It should have been 'Geoff Ogilvy is leading Tiger Woods by a shot'. Then, what do they do? 'They immediately show what happened at 5.45pm the previous Sunday with Woods winning. Please give us all a break and report the golf properly from the leaders back. Then, to make matters worse, Woods is six strokes off the leader and heis getting more space than the leaders....I bet that Geoff Ogilvy won't be shown next time he plays if he is six shots behind.

I suppose 'Golf World' will put Woods on the cover again this week because he finished fifth.

And then there is J. Johnson, of Topsham, Maine, who sees it a bit differently:

Former high shool golf team or spectacular shot of Tiger Woods winning. I can see how difficult it was to decide for you brain dead fools.

--Bob Carney