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Wrong place, wrong time

You can’t have a worse weekend than the cricket player who got drilled in the gemstones on back-to-back pitches

August 09, 2021

Of all the places to get hit in the wide world of sports, there is one spot that is universally recognized as the worst. It goes by many names—the family jewels, the precious heirlooms, the bait and tackle—but whatever you call it, the pain remains the same. Just ask 32-year-old Trent Rockets batsman Alex Hale, who took not one but two consecutive 80-mph pitches to the southern bread basket during a game this weekend. Viewer discretion is absolutely advised.

Goodness gracious. That is tough to watch. Yet, despite the excruciating second-hand pain, it’s hard to not laugh at Hales’ expense, and by the time pitch number two lands its blow, practically the entire stadium is in tears ... of laughter. Just take a look at these sick bastards.


Making matters even worse, the Rockets would go on to lose to the Oval Invincibles 125-116, handing Hales an, ahem, pair of big Ls for the evening. Hopefully it’s nothing a little rest and A LOT of ice can’t fix, but our thoughts and prayers are with his family all the same. Good luck and Godspeed, Alex. We’re pulling for you.