Adult entertainment club’s event forces Texas high school golf team to cancel practice

October 06, 2022
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FOX 7 Austin

Umm, this is a new one.

Year in and year out, Vista Ridge High School practices at Avery Ranch, a course in north Austin self-described as “Texas Hill Country Golf at its Finest.” It seems that along with golf instruction for its local high schoolers, Avery Ranch is offering a new course in Sex Ed.

Earlier this week, the high school team ran into an adult entertainment club's event while gearing up for practice, and immediately canceled the day’s activities, which is more than fair. After seeing adults "acting very inappropriately,” according to head coach Keith Allen, players’ parents were contacted with practice even postponed the subsequent day.

Avery Ranch Golf Club went on to say that they were "not aware that these inappropriate actions would occur,” and that they did “not condone these actions.”

The school district went as far as to write to the parents and state that “What occurred yesterday is not acceptable and we will work closely with Avery Ranch to ensure this never happens again.”