News & ToursApril 13, 2008

Adler: Overheard at Augusta, Part III

My Top 5 Comments from the Masters on Saturday . . .

  1. Lee Westwood backs away from his approach at the ninth hole as a jet rumbles overhead. After it passes a spectator says, "That must be Freddie (Couples) going home."

  2. A patron joshing his newcomer friend as to why the concessions stop serving beer at 4 p.m. "You've got to behave here at the National. I heard they once caught a guy fishing in Rae's Creek and they shot him."

  3. A youngster of about nine or 10 years old taking stock of the professionals' golf clubs at the driving range. "See how clean and perfect their irons are, dad? They're not like yours."

  4. Steve Flesch prepares to hit a shot from near the ropes as his caddie tells spectators, "Will you please be quiet, please?" (The title, verbatim, of a 1976 Raymond Carver collection of short stories. Was the caddie aware of the literary reference? Probably not, but you never know.)

  5. Two hours after play resumed, a man slips while walking down the steep, heavily trafficked path alongside the 10th fairway. As he gets up and assesses the mud on his calf and khaki shorts, he mutters, "That there's some sloppy pudding."

--Max Adler

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