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Adler: Overheard at Augusta, Part II

April 12, 2008

My Top 5 Comments from the Masters on Friday . . .__ __

5. Tennis star Venus Williams is holding hands with her boyfriend Hank Kuehne as his brother Trip Kuehne putts out on the 18th green. Asked if she's enjoying her first visit to Augusta National, Venus replies, "Yes, but I'm not doing interviews."

4. At the 13th hole, a concerned wife is lamenting her husband's failure to apply sunscreen. "Oh honey, the back of your neck. It's the color of that Sabbatini fellow's pants."

3. At the par-5 eighth fairway, the caddie for Anders Hansen is told by a spectator that he's pacing off yardage for the wrong ball. "Guess I'm not doing a very good job, am I? Well, you can tell Jerry (Kelly) he has 260 yards to the middle."

2. A patron beside the tee at the par-3 fourth is chatting with a friend. "Do you think this is the hardest sporting event in the world to get tickets?" he asks. An eavesdropper in front of them says, "Not for me. My neighbor got sick and gave me his ticket. I told him I'd buy him a hat or something."

1. A member of the media commenting on the complimentary egg salad sandwiches in the press room. "These seem thinner than last year."

--Max Adler