Bold Strategy, Cotton

Tour pro roasts his wife's outfit on Twitter, goes straight to the doghouse for all of eternity

Playing professional golf for a living takes serious guts, as you're betting on yourself week in, week out. That would explain why Adam Schenk had the guts... no, the unmitigated GALL to do the unthinkable on Wednesday - roast his own wife on Twitter.

In the tweet, which is posted below, Schenk pokes fun at his wife's outfit for looking like hotel curtains. It'd be one thing if he made fun of something she said or did, but her outfit? Wading into dangerous, shark-infested waters there, Adam:

A solid joke that did decent numbies, at least for Schenk, a relatively unknown player to the casual fan who has just over 3,500 followers on Twitter. Was it worth it, though? Considering this response from Kourtney Schenk, no it absolutely was not:

Oof. Eternal doghouse. The place no man wants to be in. 

To add insult to injury, Kourtney happens to be on Twitter herself, and she snapped back with the perfect response:

Boom, roasted. AND her tweet did bigger numbers. A scene. Adam may have won the battle, but Kourtney has won the war.