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Adam Schefter saying Tom Brady might leave the Patriots next year is a freezing cold take waiting to happen

By now, we've all learned that anything said by an ESPN talking head should be taken with a grain of salt. Everybody is a hot-take artist that says things strictly for shock value, and we should all really try to stop taking any of it seriously. What we should do with this Adam Schefter take from Monday Night Countdown is discard it completely. Lock it up and throw away the key. Forget it ever happened and move on with our lives. The problem is, I think Schefter truly believes this one.

The take we're referring to occurred on live on the MNF set at MetLife Stadium, where the New England Patriots were gearing up to slap around the New York Jets for the millionth time. But before the "seeing ghosts" game, ESPN had two hours of air time to fill up, and part of the discussion during that time revolved around Tom Brady's future. According to Schefter, who for some reason was screaming despite the stadium being empty during pregame, Brady is "thinking about leaving New England" after this season, and Schefter had the "facts" to back up this claim:

Again, what we should do is pretend Schefter never said this, but it's hard to when the take is this asinine. How many times are we going to do this with the Patriots? How many times are people going to suggest the run is coming to an end, that Brady and Belichick are going to break up, that there is tension in the organization, only for them to win another Super Bowl? This is just another freezing cold take waiting to happen. Credit to Schefter for diving all the way in, but I an inkling that he's going to want this one back. Shoutout to Randy Moss for having the same reaction as the rest of us:

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Mark it down: Tom Brady will be on the Patriots next year and the year after if he wants. I'd love to end up on Freezing Cold Takes for that opinion, but I won't.