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Golf Canada big wig jokes (?) about entering Adam Hadwin's champagne bottle in the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame

The Canadians are thriving right now.

Native Nick Taylor became the first countryman to win the Canadian Open in 69 years, and with that jubilation came one of the best PGA Tour moments in some time. As you’ve certainly seen by now, friend and fellow Canadian Adam Hadwin attempted to celebrate the monumental win with his countryman and instead was brought into a world of pain by an alert (to say the least) security guard.

The tackled man’s better half Jessica Hadwin let the world know that her husband is okay and that he apologized to security “in true Canadian form.” Now that we know that no one’s injured, we can look back and laugh. Or if you're high up the ladder at Golf Canada, memorialize such an extraordinary moment in the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame.

Chief Sport Officer at Golf Canada Kevin Blue half-joked about entering Adam Hadwin’s Moet & Chandon champagne bottle into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame, and we think this is a perfect idea. There's no shortage of obscure golf alcohol memorabilia, but this might be the sport's crown jewel.

Blue’s job responsibilities include “the oversight, management and strategic development of key functional areas including golf services with a focus on membership” so it’s certainly not out of the question that he knows who to call when it comes to entering items into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame.

Perhaps this should be one of those 4D IMAX experiences where you get to hold the bottle and get virtually tackled by Canadian Open security. That’s the closest 99% of us are ever going to get to a PGA Tour winner's circle.