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A visual history of Zaza Pachulia cheap shots

February 26, 2018

Thearon W. Henderson

On Saturday night, Warriors center Zaza Pachulia, in the process of pretending he was actually going to play basketball for a second, threw his 6' 11" carcass softly to the Oracle Arena floor, a flop of Shakespearean proportions from the The Association's very own Tybalt. Typically, this wouldn't even be worth a hyperlink—Zaza is gonna Zaza, after all—but in the process of folding like an Origami swan, he accidentally, inadvertently, randomly just so happened to fall on Russell Westbrook's legs, reigniting a narrative that never really went away in the first place:

Zaza Pachulia is the dirtiest player in the NBA.

So without, further ado/moral high-roading/rambling about how the Warriors, thanks to the ambulance-chasing dark-arts defense attorneys at Draymond & Zaza, have fast become the league's most unlikeable squad, we'll turn it over to some semi-legal YouTube highlights, which paint a pretty clear picture of King Pachulia The Flagrant, long may he reign.

April 22nd, 2011: Hawks vs. Magic

November 9th, 2012: Hawks vs. Heat

April 20th, 2015: Bucks vs. Bulls

January 17th, 2016: Mavericks vs. Spurs

February 6th, 2016: Mavericks vs. Spurs

January 18th, 2017: Warriors vs. Thunder

May 14th, 2017: Warriors vs. Spurs