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A-Rod and J-Lo working out to Bon Jovi is the 80s training montage you didn’t know you needed

August 21, 2017

Jackson Lee

Rocky IV, Karate Kid, Kickboxer, Bloodsport… A-Rod & J-Lo? That's right. The All-Time Training Montage HoF has a new inductee this week thanks to A-Rod and J-Lo’s new viral w-out video, shot in Rodriguez’s Miami gym and scored, as any proper training montage should be, by Bon Jovi. Fire up the ol' steel horse and check it out.

There’s not a whole lot else to unpack here, honestly. A-Rod looks a little slow, J-Lo in yoga pants is (still) brain Novocain, and even if you take the power couple out of New York, well, you know. But as a glimpse into the good life of one of sport’s most infamous liars—and as a testament to the power of a good Jon Bon siren song—it is more than worth a watch.

Also the yoga pants. We mentioned the yoga pants, right?