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A new device to make your pre-round stretching more efficient

November 12, 2019

Allocating time to stretch before rounds and on off-days is a must as golfers age. An apparatus called the Most Important Stretch in Golf (MISIG) is designed to prevent injury while helping you regain some strength and flexibility. To begin, attach the rubber cuff above your left elbow (for right-handers). Grab onto the foam grip with your left hand, and while making a backswing, use your right hand to slide the handle up the PVC shaft. Start with the most flexible (orange) cord and progress to the blue (medium resistance) and red (highest resistance) cords.

The makers of MISIG also tout it as an exercise device and swing trainer. In one recommended exercise, you extend your right shoulder and then keep it stationary while pulling down with your left shoulder. Strengthening your front shoulder makes sense. However, the product offers less benefit as a trainer since it doesn’t reinforce an in-to-out downswing path.


One caution when setting it up: The large metal O-ring on the cuff must be positioned toward your chest. Lastly, the 30-day return policy covers return-shipping cost.
Shop: Most Important Stretch in Golf $80

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