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A new addition to the popular Orange Whip line aims to help increase your swing speed

October 22, 2019

Perhaps you’ve heard of the original Orange Whip Trainer ($109), a popular product designed to help you develop a rhythmic, well-balanced swing. At 47 inches long and a hefty 1.75 pounds, the club has a 10.5-ounce orange ball at the end of an ultra-flexible shaft. These components will help you feel a one-piece takeaway, smooth transition and balanced finish.

Now there’s a new addition to the Orange Whip family: the Orange Whip LightSpeed, a 43-inch trainer weighing 1.25 pounds that promises to help golfers build swing speed. It’s particularly good for players who have lost speed over the years. Ideally, you swing the two devices in alternating fashion. You start with the original (heavier) Orange Whip—several swings both right-handed and left-handed. Then switch to the LightSpeed, and again make swings in each direction.


For a specific training routine you can do in less than 10 minutes a day, go to