124th U.S. Open

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A guide to the best Airbnbs in Augusta—from affordable to extravagant—for your Masters trip

March 12, 2019

Attending the Masters is a rite of passage for every golf fan, one of the few experiences in sports that lives up to the hype. If you're going this year—or thinking of going—but still haven't found a place to stay, we have you covered.

We've searched Airbnb tirelessly for houses—affordable to the most extravagant you can find—that are still available to rent for Masters Week. We suspect one of these options will meet your group's needs—whether you have money to spend, or if you're coming into town on a tight budget.

The best options for proximity:

Four beds, four baths, $1,440 per night. This one might be tough to beat. Located within Augusta itself, this beautiful home opens up to a nice, modern exterior with an amazing-looking pool with a pavilion included. That looks like the ideal backyard to unwind after a long day in the hot Georgia sun.


Three beds, three and a half baths, $890 per night. This big, stately brick home is about 2.5 miles from Augusta National and says it can comfortably fit six people.

augusta close to course 3.png

Three bed, three-and-a-half bath townhouse. $1,000 per night. Sitting just outside a mile from Augusta, you can't argue with being able to walk to to the course.

augusta close to course 1.png

Four beds, three baths. $950 per night. One mile from the course. You can request cots and air mattresses to pack more people in.

augusta airbnb.png

Four beds, two and a half baths, $1,200 per night. The backyard fire pit situation is perfect for post round beers and recapping.

augusta big group 1.png

If you're on a tight budget:

augusta budget 1.png

Three beds, two baths, $305 per night. This townhouse is less than two miles from the course and can fit four guests. Does it involve bunk beds? Yes. But the price makes an adult sleeping in a bunkbed not sound like a terrible idea.

augusta budget 2.png

Seven beds, four and a half baths. $1,000 per night. There's a stocked fishing pond in the backyard, which sound quite relaxing and enjoyable after a long day at the course.

augusta big crew 3.png

If you're not on a budget:

Six bedroom, five-and-a-half baths, $4,400 per night. The title of this __[Airbnb is "luxury estate in the woods." So that definitely captured our imagination. Included among the amenities listed are a private pond (imagine the possibilities for activities!), a hot tub and a private pool. With a grill included, we can't imagine wanting much more.


Eight bedrooms, eight baths, $5,714 a night. The definition of balling without a budget. This stately abode has room for 16+ and is only four miles from Augusta National. Sure, the price is steep ($5,714 a night). But if you're doing the Masters, you gotta do it right.


Five beds, three and a half baths, $2,500 per night. The outdoor kitchen and entertaining area at this house are sweet. If you don't get invited to any parties Masters week, you can just host your own.

augusta big crew 2.png

Six beds, six baths, $2,750 per night. This is a gated estate, outdoor bar and grill, a pool, a media room, a tennis court... You get the idea. This house has everything you and your buddies could possibly want.

augusta big crew 4.png