87-year-old golfer wins season-long club championship, is probably in better shape than you

December 07, 2017

Wales Online

When I grow up -- really grow up -- I want to be like Graham Davies. The 87-year-old from Wales isn't just still playing golf, but he's still outplaying all the young whippersnappers (Anyone under 80 is probably a young whippersnapper to this guy) at his club. What an inspiration.

According to Wales Online, Davies "was the most consistent scorer" from March to September in the Ashburnham Golf Club's stags section. Davies will be recognized for his accomplishment -- known as the "Summer League Shield" -- later this month.

“When I got older I wanted to be competitive,” Davies told Wales Online. Check.

“I’ve always done lots of exercise and my main aim has been to keep fit as long as I can," added the man who still walks when he plays.

Davies said he was motivated to stay in good shape long ago when he played with elder golfers.

“When I was younger I played with some old members and I used to think they were an embarrassment," he said. "I always felt when I got to their age I wanted to be different and I wanted people to appreciate playing with me."

They may appreciate you, but they also may not want to play with you anymore if you keep beating them. Go easy on 'em, Graham.