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7 other golf styles we're surprised didn't take off (Actually, make that not surprised at all)

May 11, 2018

Richard Heathcote

Golf style is fleeting. Those plus fours from the 1930s had already run their course a decade later, and the oversized shirts Fred Couples sported in the early '90s now look like intricately-designed pillow cases.

But those were at least the prevailing trends of the era. Some looks, meanwhile, had much shorter life spans — for reasons that now seem obvious. Might Phil Mickelson's long-sleeve shirt at the Players Championship succumb to the same fate?

Time will tell, but judging by the early reaction, he's got an uphill battle if he wants to avoid joining these all-time head-scratchers.

The Martin Kaymer buff__

The Woody Austin Star-Spangled Banner shirt__

The Hal Sutton cowboy hat

The Jarmo Sandelin bizarro futuristic sunglasses

The Jarmo Sandelin (a rare double winner!) bizarro Andy Warhol white hat thingy

The Jesper Parnevik upturned hat brim

The Bill Murray Elmer Fudd hat