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Welcome to the Convenience Tour: 7-Eleven releases golf-themed merch collection (Yes, that 7-Eleven)

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August 16, 2023

Of all the releases and collaborations we've seen this summer, never did we expect Big Gulps and birdies would be next on the list. 7-Eleven has released a golf-themed merch capsule featuring 29 pieces of apparel, accessories, and a pretty cool-looking cooler (pun intended) available now on the retailer’s online merchandise store

“We know our brand fans are also big sports fans, so we’re excited to launch our first-ever 7Collection drop centered around the sport of the summer... golf!” said Marissa Jarratt, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer. “Now when avid or aspiring golf enthusiasts stop at our stores to fuel up before a day on the course, they can also look fresh on the fairway with streetwear-inspired designs in our signature colors.”

Just over a year ago, 7-Eleven debuted "7Collection", as a means to show its appreciation to its loyal customers. Since its inception, the site has had other drops that feature exclusive apparel and accessories inspired by 7-Eleven and its fan-favorite products — like the Big Gulp and Slurpee drinks — that customers can't find anywhere else. The 'Welcome to the Convenience Tour' is the latest edition of these drops and is certainly a doozy.

7Collection Drive, Chip & Gulp Tee
7Collection Drive, Chip & Gulp Tee
$25 | 7Collection

The most notable and refreshing thing about the collection, besides the Slurpees, is the prices. In today's highly saturated market of golf drops, it's difficult to find golf attire that's under $100, let alone $50. Whether it's your style or not, you can't be upset over the price point or the fact that 7-Eleven is branching out. It may not be for you, but there's no denying that if you saw someone with a 7-Eleven golf polo on you'd wonder where they got it and perhaps why.

The polos, along with the crew socks and bucket hat are the most popular items in the capsule — which is why they are currently sold out. There are three polos in the drop, each with a heavy retro vibe that resembles just about any old golf polo you'd see around the course. The retro woven button-up is by far the most striking item in the collection. It harnesses the very on-trend silhouette of a bowling shirt that has made waves in fashion in the last year, which has translated over to golf thanks to Malbon and Bogey Boys. It's a relaxed-fit, cotton button-up with two front patch pockets with top pocket trim and two-color flat embroidery. The button-up is polished off with the vintage 1960s 7-Eleven logo.

7Collection Retro 7-Eleven Woven Button Up
7Collection Retro 7-Eleven Woven Button Up
$50 | 7Collection

But don't fret, the 70s-inspired collection also includes a range of accessories, such as hats, towels, bags, patches, stickers, golf balls and tees still available — all seemingly appealing and very modish, but to the more casual golfer.

Since the release, more apparent golf fans and adamant followers of the sport have expressed their candor towards the collection — it doesn't quite make sense. Do the pieces look cool? Undeniably so. Are they really golf-appropriate? Unlikely. Was the target audience life-long golfers with GHIN numbers and club memberships? Also, unlikely.


What 7-Eleven has done with the convenience tour is take our highly marketable sport and put a funky twist on what our apparel looks like from an outsider's perspective. It's not a bad thing by any means. 7-Eleven is global and, therefore, highly recognizable so if anything this is just another avenue for growing the game. There are over 78,000 7-Eleven stores across the world, nearly 10,000 in the United States — imagine having that number of junior golf programs or driving ranges that are as accessible as a convenience store. And like the brand says, you can’t play 18 without 7 and 11.