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5 things to talk about with your buddies on the course this weekend

September 12, 2014

From sports to TV to politics (OK, so mostly the first two), we offer five hot topics that are sure to liven up your round of golf:

1. Ray Rice/Roger Goodell: A heinous, indefensible act seems to have led to an embarrassing cover up. Ray Rice, Roger Goodell and the entire NFL all look bad right now. We'll leave it at that.

2. Apple: The tech juggernaut had a live-streamed "release event" Wednesday in which it unveiled new products that are set to hit the market soon: two iPhone 6s, a touchscreen watch, and a payment system that probably has Paypal a little nervous. Despite the Twitter frenzy and the standing ovations, I have no plans to rush out and buy either of the first two, but you should (they can even help your golf game!). Sincerely, Guy who owns shares of APPL stock.


This guy looks SUPER pumped for the release of the iPhone 6.

3. Billy Horschel: He's not the best player on the PGA Tour, but he might be the most honest. After winning the BMW Championship, Horschel said, "If I were a betting man, I'd put a little money on me" at this week's Tour Championship. Then he said that even if his wife went into labor with the couple's first child, he wouldn't leave Atlanta and pass up a chance to win the FedEx Cup's $10 million bonus. Before you get all high and mighty and take Horschel to task, would you really not do the same thing if you had a chance to more than double your career earnings in one day?

4. Fabrizio Zanotti: If you don't know the name, just know he was a European Tour player who got hit in the forehead by an errant tee shot Thursday during the KLM Open. Fortunately, Zanotti, who was rushed to a hospital, is OK. More so, we'd like to highlight two other players, Felipe Aguilar and Ricardo Gonzalez, who withdrew from the tournament to go to the hospital with their friend. The moral of the story? Keep your head on a swivel when you're out on the course, always yell "Fore!" and play with friends who aren't going to keep playing if you get hurt.

5. "Breaking Bad": After years of saying I'd give this highly acclaimed TV show a chance, I finally did. Less than three weeks later -- and after signing up for a free one-month Netflix trial -- I finished the entire series, showing about as much control as the Meth Heads in it. One word: MASTERPIECE. "The Wire" remains my No. 1 drama of all-time (is there anyone who has watched that show and said otherwise?), but "Breaking Bad" might have supplanted "The Sopranos" as my No. 2. Agree? Disagree? More importantly, does anyone have any other TV suggestions? I'm going through Walter White withdrawal. . .