You won’t believe the transformation Augusta National has made in a week

October 03, 2020

Copyright David Dobbins/Eureka Earth

Breathe easy, Masters zealots.

Last week photos circulated online from Eureka Earth showing most of the Augusta National grounds painted in brown.

Theoretically the images shouldn’t have been surprising; the grass at the hallowed property is famously scalped in the summer months. But with this year’s Masters Tournament moved to November, the photos of a cocoa-colored Amen Corner had fans fearing the worst. (In their defense, it’s been that type of year.)

However, with the Masters’ five weeks out, Eureka Earth posted another round of Augusta National aerials Saturday morning, and the burnt sienna surroundings are no more:

That is the byproduct of ryegrass seeding, and you don’t have to squint too hard to see the sprinklers hard at work. In short, Augusta National is back to looking like Augusta National.

Now, if those trees can just start turning orange …

The 2020 Masters begins Nov. 12. Tiger Woods is the defending champ.