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Hot List Gold 2023

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WHAT IT DOES: These irons use the same five-step forging process as the CB/MB set, but they are very different clubs and a departure from last year’s model. The previous King Tour used a metal-injection-molding (MIM) process to create the clubhead, but that’s no longer the case. Instead, the forging process delivers the same consistency as MIM while delivering a better feel. The milled grooves are manufactured to a precise tolerance that reduces the variability on the groove shape. The upshot is that the grooves can be produced closer to the USGA limit. A channel behind the hitting zone saves discretionary weight higher in the clubhead, moving it lower and to the heel and toe area. That channel is then filled with a thermoplastic urethane to keep the feel just right. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s easy to get caught up in metallurgy and chemistry, but some of the details that really stand out include shortened blade lengths based on player feedback and a progressive but minimal offset look at address. A shorter hosel length helps bring the spin down, too, reducing the tendency for shots to balloon. In short, this is a players iron that an everyday player can actually hit. Read more>>

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Price: KING Tour $186 (per iron)
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Player Comments
"In the short irons, you get the impression that they're very playable. The clubface isn't as tall. A nice blend for someone who wants a forgiving club but still be able to manipulate the club. I like that the ball flight is that mid-flight, no ballooning."
Handicap, 2
"This feels a lot like my child’s hug—super comforting. At impact, I’m the chef, and the ground is the sushi. The turf interaction is that good."
Handicap, 4
"The look appears to be an old-style club but packs modern punch. The turf interaction and ball contact was exceptional. Lots of spin on the ball but it stayed in the air, which was a nice surprise. Great for holding greens."
Handicap, 5
Club Specs
Models Dexterity Price
KING Tour Left Hand / Right Hand $186


Name Loft Length
5I 25.00 38.25
7I 32.00 37.25
PW 44.00 36.00
From the Manufacturer

The KING TOUR irons blend soft feel and playability with enhanced distance and forgiveness. Using a 5-step forged multi-material construction like the CB/MB irons, the TOUR model features an aluminum medallion, and a TPU insert in the back cavity for improved feel, forgiveness and launch conditions on off center hits. The shaping of the TOUR irons is progressively more compact than the KING Forged TEC model, featuring a thinner topline and reduced offset for improved workability, and 2 degree weaker lofts for distance control.

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