Memorial Tournament

Muirfield Village Golf Club


0311 P Gen3


Our Review:

The company’s Gen2 irons were super cool, but the polymer inside the clubhead, although it produced a nice feel, dissipated energy at impact. PXG solved that issue with a new formulation that’s firmer on the outside and softer on the inside. The result is a face that deflects as much as two times more than the Gen2 model, and more flex means more yards. Those nifty weights in the back are still there to assist center-of-gravity location. Read more >>
Specs: 7-iron: 31 degrees; PW: 45 degrees
Price: $425 (per iron)
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Player Comments
  • high
    The club feels appropriately weighted, not too light. It’s easy to swing and keep on path.
  • low
    This just had perfect turf interaction and ball flight. Consistent Distances with good feedback. You could feel the ball on the face and knew where it was going.
  • mid
    They look like power irons, there's substance to it. The heads are on the larger side but you get the performance because of that. Nice feel off the face.