Callaway Big Bertha (2019)
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Callaway Apex (2019)

Callaway Big Bertha (2019) Review

Callaway Big Bertha (2019)
Callaway Big Bertha (2019)
Callaway Big Bertha (2019)
Callaway Big Bertha (2019)
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Callaway Rogue/Rogue X

The Verdict: Callaway’s most ambitious hybrid design starts with a high-strength steel alloy in a wraparound face for better ball speed over a larger area. The internal “jailbreak” bars join the crown and sole to stiffen the body and channel more flexing to the face. Finally, the eight-way adjustable hosel increases fitting options and drops 13 grams from past versions. With that weight saved, the club’s center of gravity is just as low as that of a fixed-hosel design.
Loft: 3H-18 degrees, 4H-21 degrees, 5H-24 degrees, 6H-27 degrees, 7H-30 degrees, 8H-33 degrees (all adjustable +2/-1 degrees)
Street Price: $270
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Player Comments
  • low
    Bigger, but still easy to align.
  • mid
    The wide sole was effective, even out of difficult lies. Ball hung in the air for a long time.
  • high
    It’s more of a thwack at impact, not tinny or hollow.