Ping G410 Plus/G410 SFT
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Ping G410 Plus/G410 SFT Review

Ping G410 Plus/G410 SFT
Ping G410 Plus/G410 SFT
Ping G410 Plus/G410 SFT
Ping G410 Plus/G410 SFT
Ping G410 Plus/G410 SFT
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The Verdict: Even though Ping’s new family of drivers has a model with an adjustable center of gravity (G410 Plus), the line retains its extreme stability. This means your mis-hits will be nearly indistinguishable from your center strikes. One key feature is a weight-saving, super-thin crown designed with narrow support veins like those on a dragonfly’s wings. This allows the Plus model to have a 16-gram weight that seamlessly fits into draw, neutral and fade positions in the rear perimeter. On the lighter, slice-fighting SFT model, extra mass moves to the heel to help you square the face at impact.
Loft: G410 Plus: 9, 10.5, 12; G410 SFT: 10, 12 (both adjustable +/- 1.5 degrees)
Street Price: $500
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    Probably the most elegant adjustability mechanism I’ve seen. Invisible but effective.
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    It was Mr. Reliability, like a Honda Accord: You can drive it every day and not worry about it.
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    This tells you everything: I hit some of my best misses with it.