PXG 0811 X GEN2/0811 XF GEN2
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PXG 0811 X GEN2/0811 XF GEN2 Review

PXG 0811 X GEN2/0811 XF GEN2
PXG 0811 X GEN2/0811 XF GEN2
PXG 0811 X GEN2/0811 XF GEN2
PXG 0811 X GEN2/0811 XF GEN2
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The Verdict: Driver designers love carbon-fiber crowns. The lightweight material allows a low center of gravity and more stability on off-center hits. But the team at PXG wanted more, so it selectively raised and thickened its carbon-fiber crown. The goal is to stiffen the structure and redirect energy back to the flexing face for distance. There are two options: The adjustable and compact 0811 X has nine sole weights to optimize trajectory. It also emphasizes low spin and high speed for better players. The larger 0811 XF is designed for high launch and forgiveness that nears the USGA limit.
Loft: 0811 X: 9, 10.5, 12; 0811 XF: 9, 10.5, 12, 14 (both adjustable +/- 1.5 degrees)
Street Price: $575
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • low
    Quiet and soft but still powerful and explosive.
  • mid
    A bullet-like flight. There’s nothing like this dense sound. Thuddy, but with more backbone.
  • high
    Cool, flat finish. The contrast between the front and back draws you to the face.