Fortinet Championship

Silverado Resort and Spa North


Tour Edge

Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Tungsten

Our Review:

It's not the most attractive iron on our list, but the heft screams you're going to be able to produce a powerful strike. In some ways it's like a good IPA beer—not for everyone, but thoroughly enjoyable for those who appreciate the extra boost. The hollow-body irons have a boatload of tungsten in the sole (from 90 to 95 grams, depending on the iron) that greatly assists launch without having to rely on an extra wide sole to do so. The beveled leading edge of the sole blasts through the turf, helping mitigate those fat shots middle-handicappers have from time to time.
Specs: 6-iron: 29.5 degrees; PW: 47
Price: $800
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Player Comments
  • low
    These are a smooth operator, and everything comes off stable. Lots of tech, but well hidden at address.
  • mid
    If you're trying to sandbag, you'd put these in your bag. So good for the over-the-top, shut-face, low-ball hitter.
  • high
    Extraordinarily ball flight. Distance won't blow you away but it will hold any green. Will instill confidence at address.