Charles Schwab Challenge

Colonial Country Club


Fourteen TC-544FG

Our Review:

Fourteen is best known in the United States for its wedges, but its irons shouldn't be overlooked. In fact, this set could have many thinking fundamentally differently about how the iron set should be put together. It starts with a 23-degree 5-iron with a 39-inch shaft. That's often the loft of a 4-iron and length of a 3-iron. The strong lofts include a 42-degree pitching wedge. However, thanks to the deep undercut cavity in this one-piece forging, there's plenty of weight down low, so achieving height isn't an issue. Price, however, is a consideration. These don't come cheap—especially for seven sticks.
Specs: 6-iron: 26 degrees; PW: 42
Price: $1,200 (seven irons)
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Player Comments
  • low
    Straight and forgiving: Shots found their destination better than Google Maps.
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    The look is minimalistic in an appetizing way.
  • high
    Great trajectory, good distance, lot of control especially with the longer iron. Really had a lot of punch.