Cleveland TFI Smart Square
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Cleveland TFI Smart Square Review

Cleveland TFI Smart Square
Cleveland TFI Smart Square
Cleveland TFI Smart Square
Cleveland TFI Smart Square
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The Verdict: We get how the lightweight copper-aluminum face and copolymer insert on these three mallet options save weight to make a more perimeter-weighted, forgiving head. But what’s new and meaningful is how the copolymer flexes on the faster impacts of long putts to decrease loft and improve distance control.
Loft: 3
Street Price: $160-$200
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • low
    Really responsive. Nice consistent roll; It’s simple and solid. It’s complete. There is pop off the face and the alignment is interesting.
  • mid
    The 3-D squares on top draw your eye right to the center of the ball in the center of the club.
  • high
    The matte black/white contrast is easy to see. Plus, there’s no energy loss at impact.