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Nike Method Origin Review

Nike Method Origin
Nike Method Origin
Nike Method Origin
Nike Method Origin
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The Verdict: Sometimes improving feel starts on the inside. A layer of resin polymer between the clubface and back compresses and rebounds during impact, maintaining feel and performance on mis-hits. The grooves extend across the face and down to the sole for a better roll on impacts across the face.
Loft: 3
Street Price: $350/$420
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • low
    I like the shaft. It gives me the sensation I’m in control. 
  • mid
    The milling is clean. It has some subtle details, like the trim and smaller logo, that make it feel like a high-end putter.
  • high
    This is absolutely fantastic and the double lines on the bumper are a good look. It made things so easy to putt.