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Fix Your Putting Stroke

The Worst Miss: Short and low: The problem is, you're slicing your putts—here's why

How He Hit That

Masters 2019: You might not have heard of Justin Harding, but you may want to copy his putting style

What you can learn from Justin Harding's unusual putting stroke.

Make The Ones You Hate To Miss

How tour pros are so good on crucial six-footers.

Tee to green

Be A Better Lag Putter And Control Your Distance

To become a good lag putter, you might have to reconsider the way you think about the stroke.


Get Your Speed Right With This Putting Drill

Putting isn't only about getting the read right. You need to understand distance, too. Try Michael Breed's putting drill to hole m …

Butch's Clutch Putting Clinic

Be Like Tiger: Beat Pressure With A Relentless Routine

Tiger Woods is the best pressure putter I've ever seen, and his routine is unwavering. Work to make it part of your game and you'l …

How He Hit That

Better putting can come from small adjustments. Just ask Gary Woodland.

Subtle tweaks to your equipment can pay huge confidence dividends

Golf Digest Schools

A Secret To Great Putting

A secret to great putting? The best putters make a stroke where the putterhead creates the triangle's base and the grip end is the …

How He Hit That

Get rid of grip tension to avoid a Tiger-style four-putt

Line up the shaft with your forearms

How To Make the Ones That Matter

Paula Creamer, who has won a U.S. Women's Open, knows how to make putts under pressure. Draining the big putt is one part attitude …

Gimme One Thing

Don't Let Uphill Putts Fool You

You're letting long uphill putts get you off your game. Check out these tips to master uphill putts.

How He Hit That

Don't Be Afraid to Try a Different Putting Style

Copy Webb Simpson's willingness to experiment

Stop Being So Lousy on the Green. It's Time To Improve Your Putting

If you want to improve your putting, some of the things Adam Hadwin did can help you, too. Read on for the details.

Stroke of Genius

Tour Technique: Make Your Worst Putting Days Better

The big difference this year for Justin Thomas—winning five times, his first major (PGA Championship) and the FedEx Cup—was workin …

Tee to Green by Butch Harmon

Two Skills For Great Putting

Being a great putter doesn't mean you're rolling in bombs all day. Sure, that would be nice, but quality putting is about distance …

Gimme One Thing

Start Every Putt On A Great Line

Take the mystery out of missing left or right

Putt Better on Fast Greens

The Smart Way To Survive U.S. Open-Style Greens

Here is some advice to survive U.S. Open-style greens from Minjee Lee, who has three LPGA Tour wins and is top 10 in putts per gre …

Cover Story: Blackout Putting

Jordan Spieth: Get Ready To Start Making Everything

Jordan Spieth describes how he reads putts, his pre-putt routine, and the keys to putting a good roll on each putt.

How He Hit That

Get your putting in line like Daniel Berger

Simplify your setup with a few easy checkpoints

Step by Step

Breaking Bad: How To Curl In More Of The Tough Putts

If you're struggling to hole curling putts, or at least get the ball close enough for tap-ins, use these four steps to improve you …

Play Your Best | For Better Players

Tom Watson: Master The Downhill Putt

Just get it started: There are greens that are so fast, all you need to do is tap the ball on a downhill lie to get it to the hole …

12 Days To Better Golf

A Simple Way To Check Your Putting Alignment

Unlock your stroke: One of the first putting skills to work on is alignment. If you're confident your ball and clubface are lined …

What Great Putters Do

How to Improve Your Putting: 3 Tour Secrets

How can you improve your putting? All you have to do is read the break, aim the face and start the ball on line. And, most importa …

Tour School

Rickie Fowler: How To Be A Clutch Putter

Rickie Fowler's routine is consistent no matter the length or importance of a putt, but here's what's going through his head when …

Best Young Teachers

Two Simple Words To Help Drop The Ball In The Cup

When your putting goes south, what's the first fundamental to try and improve? Restore good rhythm to your stroke. Here's a simple …

Curing Faults

Don't Let Your Eyes Play Tricks When Reading Greens

Why'd I do that? You study a green carefully, but badly misread a putt.

Play Your Best: Step by Step

How To Hole *All* The Short Putts

Ten players on the PGA Tour made every putt from three feet and in last year. A big reason these guys are automatic from this rang …

Putting Alignment

The Putting Alignment Mistake You're Making (And How To Fix It)

A lot of people make the same mistake when they line up putts: they aim too far right. Darren May has a way to fix it.

4 Ways To Reboot Your Putting

Was your performance in 2016 slightly less than satisfying? Jordan Spieth's instructor, Cameron McCormick, gives you four ways to …


These three tips from Rickie Fowler will make you a faster, better putter

Rickie Fowler has the solution to make you a better and faster putter. Don't be the slowest guy on the green.