The Top 20 Cities For Golf


The Top 20 Cities For Golf

September 06, 2011

Dallas/Fort Worth

Climate: 12Cost of public golf: 18Amount of public golf: 7Quality of public golf: 12__Accessibility:__44__Average rank:__18.6*Pictured: The 366-yard fourth at Cowboys Golf Club.More info on this course.View more courses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area


Climate: 29Cost of public golf: 5Amount of public golf: 11Quality of public golf: 14Accessibility: 44__Average rank:__19.8*Pictured: Birdsfoot Golf Club, located in Freeport, PA.More info on this course.View more courses in Pittsburgh


Climate: 27Cost of public golf: 6Amount of public golf: 16Quality of public golf: 17Accessibility: 35Average rank: 20.2*Pictured: Glenview Golf Course hosted the 1987 U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship. More info on this course.Visit www.cincygolf.orgView more courses in Cincinnati

T-4. Los Angeles

Climate: 4Cost of public golf: 34Amount of public golf: 8Quality of public golf: 13__Accessibility:__43Average rank: 20.4*Pictured: Scholl Canyon Golf Course, located in Glendale, CA. More info on this course.View more courses in LA area

T-4. Tampa

Climate: 5Cost of public golf: 24Amount of public golf: 19Quality of public golf: 22Accessibility: 32Average rank: 20.4*Pictured: Westchase Golf Course, located in Tampa, Florida. More info on this course.Visit westchasegc.comView more courses in Tampa

T-6. Orlando

Climate: 2Cost of public golf: 45Amount of public golf: 18Quality of public golf: 10Accessibility: 33Average rank: 21.6*Pictured: The 17th green at Bay Hill Club in Orlando.More info on the course.View more courses in Orlando

T-6. Seattle

Climate: 6Cost of public golf: 28Amount of public golf: 23Quality of public golf: 23Accessibility: 28Average rank: 21.6*Pictured: Chambers Bay is located in University Place, Washington (20 minutes from Seattle).More info on this course.View more courses in Seattle


Climate: 20Cost of public golf: 22Amount of public golf: 17Quality of public golf: 16Accessibility: 34Average rank: 21.8*Pictured: Redstone GC's Tournament course hosts the Shell Houston Open.More info on this course.View more courses in Houston


Climate: 8Cost of public golf: 7Amount of public golf: 42Quality of public golf: 44Accessibility: 9Average rank: 22.0*Pictured: Gaylord Springs at Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville.More on this course.View more courses in Nashville

T-10. Cleveland

Climate: 34Cost of public golf: 12Amount of public golf: 20Quality of public golf: 15Accessibility: 31Average rank: 22.4*Pictured: Chardon Lakes Golf Course is 30 minutes from downtown Cleveland (Golfers' rating __ ½__).More info on this course.View more courses in Cleveland

T-10. Portland, Ore.

Climate: 9Cost of public golf: 17Amount of public golf: 30Quality of public golf: 35Accessibility: 21Average rank: 22.4*Pictured: Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club is 30 minutes west of Portland.More info on this course.View more courses in the Portland area

Oklahoma City

Climate: 22Cost of public golf: 2Amount of public golf: 41Quality of public golf: 39__Accessibility:__10Average rank: 22.8*Pictured: Young golfers walk along the Lake Hefner golf course in Oklahoma City. More info on this course.View more courses in the Oklahoma City area

St. Louis

Climate: 32Cost of public golf: 11Amount of public golf: 15Quality of public golf: 21__Accessibility:__36Average rank: 23.0*Pictured: Gateway National Golf Links is located minutes from downtown St. Louis.More info on this course.View more courses in St. Louis

Riverside, Calif.

Climate: 14Cost of public golf: 48Amount of public golf: 9Quality of public golf: 4__Accessibility:__42__Average rank:__23.4*Pictured: Oak Quarry Golf Club is located 45 minutes from LA (Golfers' rating __ ½__). More info on this course.View more courses in the Riverside area

T-15 Phoenix

Climate: 13Cost of public golf: 49Amount of public golf: 5Quality of public golf: 5Accessibility: 46__Average rank:__23.6*Pictured: Grayhawk Golf Club (Talon) is located 30 minutes from downtown Phoenix.More info on this course.View more courses in the Phoenix area

T-15 Kansas City

Climate: 25Cost of public golf: 16Amount of public golf: 26Quality of public golf: 26__Accessibility:__25Average rank: 23.6*Pictured: Shoal Creek Golf Course, which opened in 2001, is a 6,950 yard par 71 golf property (Golfers' rating ____).More info on this course.Visit shoalcreekgolf.comView more courses in Kansas City

San Diego

Climate: 3Cost of public golf: 47Amount of public golf: 27Quality of public golf: 18__Accessibility:__24Average rank: 23.8*Pictured: Torrey Pines South Course hosted the 2008 U.S. Open. Here's the dramatic drop from the 4th hole.More info on this course.View more courses in the San Diego area

T-18. Detroit

Climate: 46Cost of public golf: 21Amount of public golf: 3Amount of public golf: 2__Accessibility:__48Average rank: 24.0*Pictured: Palmer Park Golf Course is located in the upscale Palmer Woods neighborhood of Detroit. More info on this course.Visit palmerparkgolfcourse.comView more courses in Detroit

T-18. Minneapolis

Climate: 48Cost of public golf: 15Amount of public golf: 4Quality of public golf: 6Accessibility: 47Average rank: 24.0*Pictured: Rush Creek GC has hosted three LPGA events and the U.S. Public Links.More info on this course.View more courses in the Minneapolis area

T-20. Birmingham, Ala.

Climate: 19Cost of public golf: 13Amount of public golf: 45Quality of public golf: 38Accessibility: 6Average rank: 24.2*Pictured: At 8,191 yards from the back tees, RTJ Golf Trail at Ross Bridge is the third-longest golf course in the world.More info on this course.View more courses in the Birmingham area

T-20. Louisville

Climate: 33Cost of public golf: 3Amount of public golf: 31Quality of public golf: 34__Accessibility:__20__Average rank:__24.2*Pictured: Quail Chase Golf Club is Louisville's only 27-hole championship regulation golf course.More info on this course.View more courses in the Louisville area

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