The Golf Digest Combine

Are You As Athletic As A Tour Pro?

Go through the Golf Digest combine and you'll know. Max Adler and Functional Movements Systems founder Gray Cook test your fitness with basic competency, core stability and balance exercises. Coordination is the key to excellence, Cook says; pass all 3 phases and you have the potential for greatness.


While maintaining a club directly over your head, drop into a squat position. To pass, both heels must stay on the floor as your hips descend lower than your knees. Your knees also should stay directly over your feet.


Stand tall with a club behind your neck and one foot positioned your shin's length behind the other. Lunge forward to touch the back knee to the front heel. To pass, your front foot must stay flat, and your torso should remain upright with the club level.


Place tape across a doorway just below kneecap height. Step one leg over the tape and touch your heel to the floor without putting weight on it. Step back over. To pass, avoid touching the tape while keeping your other foot flat.


Hold a club across your chest and sit cross-legged with one foot on each side of a doorjamb. Rotate your torso until the club touches the jamb. To pass, your spine must be straight and the club in contact with your shoulders.


Lie on your back and slowly raise one leg vertically. To pass, your leg should finish perpendicular to your body while your head, arms and non-raised leg (toes up) remain in contact with the floor.


Find a staircase or wall against which you can do at least 10 reps (but do as many as you can). To pass, your chest must stay parallel to the stairs (back and legs straight). Remember the 10-percent rule.


Sit on the edge of a chair, arms out, and stand up and sit back down on one leg. Do as many reps as you can. To pass, keep your foot flat on the floor. Remember the 10-percent rule.


Do this on the floor or on a staircase. Complete at least 10 reps (but do as many as you can). To pass, your pelvis must stay parallel to the floor (legs and back straight). Remember the 10-percent rule.


Kneel with your toes touching the floor. Raise a seven- to 10-pound medicine ball above one shoulder and throw it down hard at a 45-degree angle. To pass, the ball must bounce higher than your head.


Get into your golf posture while holding a medicine ball in front of your chest, elbows bent. Rotate to one side, then fire the opposite way, pushing the ball out of your arms like a basketball chest pass. To pass the test, the ball must travel virtually the same distance and trajectory on both sides.