Breaking 100


Breaking 100

October 19, 2009

Swing back more steeply

If you're trying to break 100 and find yourself in the tall grass, it's essential to make solid contact with the ball. To do this, take the club back on a steeper angle, and focus on maintaining your wrist hinge well into the downswing. Keep your left wrist firm through impact so the grass doesn't turn the clubface left. Avoid the tendency to accelerate your swing too soon from the top, which often results in slowing down at the ball.Think about strategy: Don't fire at the flag. Instead, aim at the center of the green, away from any bunkers or other trouble guarding your approach to the pin. If the grass is really thick, don't be afraid to use a more lofted club, even if it won't get you to the green. Your goal is to make no more than a bogey.

'Putt' with your hybrid

Because the putting stroke is the simplest in the game, use it around the greens whenever possible. It's especially effective with a hybrid club on shots where high grass around the fringe is directly behind the ball.Lock your putting grip onto a hybrid, gripping down on the handle as I'm doing. Place the ball back of center in your stance, and put your weight toward your forward foot to promote a descending stroke. Then roll the ball to the hole as you would when using your putter. The hybrid's wide sole will help it glide through the grass.Practice with different hybrid lofts to get a feel for this shot. Be careful with the speed of your stroke, as the ball will get slightly airborne and move a little faster than with a putter.

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