14 Old Golf Websites That Are Totally '90s


14 Old Golf Websites That Are Totally '90s

February 04, 2014

GolfDigest.com, 1996

Ugh. What can we say? It was the '90s, man. At least we were publishing into the cloud way before anybody else.

GolfChannel.com, 1996

Exclamation points are fun online! Oh well, at least there were no clouds.

Masters.com, 1996

It may have been 1996, but Augusta National was still keeping it classy.

Golfweb.com, 1996

Quote of the day: "Like the Rolling Stones, some golfers couldn't get no satisfaction in 1996."

USGA.com, 1996

Someone tell Jack Nicklaus the USGA has a message for him: "It's not time for hibernation!!!"

LPGA.com, 1996

Wondering why the whole site is squished over to the left? It's all part of that '90s charm.

PGA.com, 1996

Not a bad name they gave themselves, "Golf's Global Clubhouse."

Golfsmith.com, 1997

Welcome to our official website! Now, pick up the phone and give us a call.

PGATour.com, 1997

The bigger question here: Why won't Don Pooley stop staring?

AJGA.com, 1998

There are a few names you might recognize here, especially that guy on the Boys Second Team. What's his name. . .Hunter Mahan?

EuropeanTour.com, 1998

Spoiler alert: Ernie Els went on to win that tournament.

Nicklaus.com, 1998

Don't worry about that banner image. Or all those tabs that aren't there.

TigerWoods.com, 1998

I don't know about you, but who doesn't want to "Watch Tiger Morph"?

GregNorman.com (Shark.com), 1999

"Win a secret agent weekend," courtesy of Greg Norman.

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