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with Mathew Rudy

Instant Fixes
5 Timeless Swing Fixes

Claude Harmon III shares his best tips, with inspiration from father, Butch, and grandfather, Claude.

Stop Missing Greens

Make a few adjustments to your iron game, and you'll go flag hunting.

Tips From the Top: Bernd Wiesberger

Focus on the dynamic movement, not the position.

How to Hit a Draw in 5 Minutes

Quick tips for turning it over on command.

Back to Basics
5-Minute Clinic: Short-Game Secrets From Tiger's Coach

Steal my favorite greenside tips from the tour

Back to Basics
5-Minute Clinic: The Art of Saving Par

Add some confidence to your short game

Golf Instruction
Bunker Do's and Don'ts

The No. 1 theme for good bunker shots? Hitting the sand where you intend to hit it

How to play a really hard course

It's all about having a plan and sticking to it