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Pete McDaniel and Mark Soltau

Tiger Tips: How to spin it from the sand

Lay the face open and swing it fast with the right hand

Tiger Tips: Extend for power and accuracy

Turn your head to the target

Tiger Woods: Hitting greens from the sand

Same as from the fairway, the release controls the curve

Tiger Woods: Belt Buckle To The Target

For distance control from the sand, turn your lower body through the shot

Tiger Woods: My chipping basics

Stable wrists and a compact swing make greenside shots easy

Tiger Woods: A matter of balance

Start from the ground, and work your way up

Tiger Tips: My new stinger

It's my knockout punch for pressure situations

Bump your chips

Get the ball on the ground quickly and let it roll out

Tiger Tips: Focus on the landing

Try this practice drill for delicate pitches

Tiger Tips: Up Close

My favorite putting drill will help you keep the club on line

Finding the feel

Control on fast greens starts with a lighter grip

Be honest: Where does your game need help?

Narrow your focus and seek out a trained eye

Tiger Tip: Compress the ball

For crisper iron shots, try to trap it against the turf

Tiger Tips: Turn your chest

Don't swing all-arms on greenside shots

Tiger Tips: How to hit it higher

Focus on your finish to get to tough pins