What’s the secret to “making it” in the golf industry? According to Charlie Burgwyn, founder of Stitch Golf, it starts with developing a business idea that fills a void, and continues with the ability to evolve to meet demand. Mix in a healthy passion for your craft and a solid work ethic, as well as a network of business partners that help you deliver on your customer promise, and you’ll have all the tools you need.

Since launching in 2012 as a small leather-headcover business, Stitch Golf has grown to become an ultra-popular brand of not just accessories but also golf bags, apparel and travel gear. All along, the company has remained headquartered in the small town of Cary, N.C., where both Burgwyn and his partner Brad King grew up. Golf Digest went to Cary to learn more about what makes the company’s people, products and story such a success. Sponsored by FedEx