Golf and grilling go together like milk and cookies, and many of the game’s best players count barbecuing among their greatest “other” interests. In this series, Golf Digest’s Hally Leadbetter invites some of golf’s most skilled grill connoisseurs and fascinating personalities to share their BBQ secrets—and life stories—over the griddle while she gets to sample their work. Presented by Blaze.

Episode 1

Episode 1: David Feherty

Former Tour player and longtime golf-television host and commentator David Feherty is known more for his comedic timing and interview skills than for his cooking. But, as Hally Leadbetter finds out here, this Northern-Irishman-turned-American’s passion for grilling is matched only by his love for (and knowledge of) potatoes.

Episode 2

Episode 2: Jessica Korda and Marina Alex

Our host Hally Leadbetter meets up with two of the top American LPGA stars, Jessica Korda and Marina Alex, to test their grilling skills and talk about life on Tour. It turns out one of the players is a seasoned chef who travels with her own kitchen tools and makes homemade marinades, while the other is at better at shredding things. Find out who’s who.

Episode 3

Episode 3: Wesley Bryan

The PGA Tour’s resident funnyman and top trick-shot artist Wesley Bryan is also a barbecue aficionado who keeps his home grill warm every day of the week. Here, he shares his best tips for a tender ribeye, along with stories about life on Tour, with our Hally Leadbetter.

Episode 4

Episode 4: Stewart Cink

If you ask major champion and eight-time PGA Tour winner Stewart Cink the goal of his golf career, he’ll tell you that it’s really only there to help fund his barbecue addiction. Cink invites Hally Leadbetter to his old stomping grounds at the Georgia Tech golf facility to show her how he cooks his famous ribs in the back of his pickup truck.