Professional golf is very much a team sport in the 21 st century—the players may be alone in executing the shots on the course during a tournament, but the behind-the-scenes support staff and trusted advisors they lean on to help them optimize their performance is often deeper than the pit crew for a Formula 1 racecar driver.
To learn more about this new team approach to golf, Golf Digest tagged along with five-time PGA Tour winner and ADP ambassador Sam Burns, one of the hottest young players in golf right now, during a practice week away from the Tour. We got to know his coach, wife, caddie, father and agent, and had long conversations with Sam himself about the many ways he involves his team to help perfect every aspect of his game. How they prepare for each tournament week, how they approach each maneuver – a combination of tenacity, technology and a trusted team all leads to success. As the saying goes, “It takes a village,” and this village is one of the most successful in the game.