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Zion Williamson sent this poor bastard into the Stone Age with devastating block

February 21, 2018

High school baller Zion Williamson has become a YouTube legend thanks to his sensational, gravity-defying dunks, jams that leave fans in awe and opponents emasculated. Alas, Williamson's rep took a hit in January when he committed to Duke, a place where flair goes to die in favor of flopping and floor slapping.

However, we live in a society that loves second chances, so we're willing to forgive Williamson for his transgression. Especially if he continues to do things that look like they're right out of Space Jam.

Such as this gem during the South Carolina Independent School Association Class 2A quarterfinals, where Williamson sent this poor bastard into the Stone Age with a devastating block:

Got to learn the virtues of the pump fake, young fella.

If that wasn't enough, Williamson dropped in 28 points in the first half alone, notable given the other team had a combined 26. And then there was this:

That is not a game we see during our weekly run at the Y.

Again, real shame Williamson's star is going to be outshined by the refracted light of Coach K's dyed hair next season. That said, for those thinking the NBA Slam Dunk Competition has gotten stale, wait until Zion arrives in 2020.