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We've found a way to get to know your swing by the back of your hand

There are several golf-swing analyzers on the market that let you download your swing to an app on your phone. What distinguishes Zepp's device is its placement on your glove.


The Zepp golf sensor ($150) clips to the back of a glove, where it can track your clubhead speed, plane, path, tempo and backswing position. This data, along with a 360-degree motion capture of your swing, can sync to your iPhone, Android device or iPad via Bluetooth technology.

You or your coach can analyze your swing through an app that lets you replay and review it from any angle. Up to 2,000 swings can be stored for comparison. The device, which weighs 0.3 ounces with the clip, has a built-in, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery the company says lasts about eight hours.

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