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Zach Johnson's BBQ smoker is adorned with a nice Ryder Cup reminder

November 21, 2016

Zach Johnson has 12 PGA Tour wins, including two major titles. But though he's a golfer by trade, he's a griller by heart. Followers of his Twitter account are very aware of Johnson's affinity for BBQ, and he even downed a plate of Texas brisket in a televised interview with David Feherty.

Yet every grill master needs a fire pit to call his own. And judging by this photo, Johnson's new smoker is fit for a king:

As if a grill gift isn't enough, Johnson's roaster is garnished with the Ryder Cup insignia, a nod to his five appearances for Team USA (including scoring two points for the Americans at Hazeltine this fall).

In short, Johnson is leading the life we all want to live.