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Vidanta Vallarta

Short Game

Zach Johnson: Steal My Feel

By Zach Johnson Photos by J.D. Cuban
May 07, 2013

When you set your wedge down at address, take a look at all that loft. This club was born to hit high, soft shots. And yet many of you don't trust it to do its job. You try to help the ball into the air by adding a lot of wrist action to your pitch shots. Trust me, wrist action might help you pitch it higher and with more backspin, but it increases your chances of hitting it fat or thin. It's not worth the risk.

Instead, when you sole the club, notice that your arms form a "V" shape. Your goal is to preserve the "V" as you swing the club back and through. There should be very little hand action or forearm rotation. All you're trying to do is maintain the clubface loft that you established at address. That makes the ball fly nice and high and with plenty of spin. Keep it simple.

ZACH JOHNSON has won nine times on the PGA Tour, including the 2007 Masters Tournament.