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Zach Johnson issues a challenge to Jordan Spieth over who will throw the better first pitch Tuesday night

August 18, 2015

Win a major -- or two -- and you just might be asked to throw out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game. Jordan Spieth and Zach Johnson will both get the opportunity on Tuesday night and now it looks like we might get to see an off-course competition between the two as well.

On Tuesday afternoon, an excited Spieth tweeted about his upcoming attempt before a Texas Rangers game:

Johnson, who will throw out a pitch before Tuesday's Cubs game, responded with a challenge:

And then a follow-up tweet:

No response from Spieth yet, but knowing how competitive he is, we're assuming the bet will happen. And sorry, Zach, our money is on "the Young Gun."

More importantly, guys, don't hurt yourselves.

UPDATE: Spieth has responded, and what a response it was:

And of course, ZJ couldn't just take that. He fired back: