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Youth hockey player crosses himself on breakaway, might be on to something

April 26, 2018

The hockey breakaway is more complicated than it looks. It should be easy because it's just you and the goalie. But then you start thinking exactly that while skating in all alone, and then you're worrying about how embarrassing it would be to miss—or worse, trip and fall and end up on something like this.

The point is, success on a breakaway occasionally falls to factors outside your control. Which brings us to young Dylan Moran, a hockey player who recognized that his own wrist shot might not be enough to cash in on a ripe opportunity, and so he sought help from above.

So many questions. Would this at all be practical in tighter quarters? And what if you're not Catholic? It's really not our place here to endorse one religious practice over another. We just know goals can be hard to come by, and sometimes you'll take all the help you can get.