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Youth hockey coach's way over-the-top speech is reason he is now a former youth hockey coach

November 08, 2017

Let's get the obvious part out of the way. If you're a coach charged with shaping impressionable adolescent minds in 21st century America, then it's probably best not to lace your pre-game speech with enough F-bombs to make Louis CK seem like "Little House On The Prairie." Or at least have the good sense to make sure it's not caught on video.

That was this Colorado youth hockey coach's ultimate mistake, and the resulting footage is the reason he is now a FORMER Colorado youth hockey coach.

OK, so not great. There are enough lapses in judgment in this video to suggest that maybe there are better options for teaching Littleton (Co.) Youth Hockey players the finer points of the neutral zone trap (Special points for this sequence: "F-- Green Mountain. F-- their coaches. F-- their wives."). The fact that the unnamed coach was, as they say euphemistically in the sports world, "relieved of his duties" was likely the easiest decision the program head had to make that week.

But in fairness, we should note that in an age when adults in authority roles struggle to connect with today's kids in meaningful ways, the coach here had all eyes locked on him. None of the kids were staring vacantly into their handheld devices, most were laughing, and all had a clear sense that the objective upon leaving the locker room was to try to score more goals than the other hockey team.